Looking to Hire?

Imagine achieving the perfect fit: hiring an employee who loves his or her job and has the necessary skills to perform the position’s duties proficiently. Imagine saving both time and money achieving the perfect fit the first time. Sounds impossible, right? With Design Build Recruitment, that’s our goal: to find you the perfect fit right away.

Our process begins with you — understanding your needs, your goals and your company’s mission. With more than two decades of combined experience navigating the hiring process successfully, we work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Pairing the right people with the right companies takes experience and understanding. Whether you are looking for permanent staff, temporary workers, or on recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services, we strive to understand your company’s hiring needs and find you the perfect fit.

Our specialties include a range of industries, and our database of passive candidates is vast. We identify, attract, evaluate and deliver candidates based upon skill sets, soft skills and overall cultural fit. We look for candidates who will contribute beyond your expectations. Let us find your perfect fit.