Looking For a Job?

Let us help you in your search for the perfect job. We can simplify the search for a job that meets your needs and fits your passions. Here are a few reasons to contact Design Build Recruitment:

  • You’ll have more opportunities. If you are tired of looking for open positions published on websites, contacting us allows you the opportunity to access a wide variety of jobs across the country – jobs that may not be advertised or available to the public.
  • You’ll save time. You only have to send your resume to one person, and you only have to complete the process one time. Your references will only be contacted once. You won’t have to constantly search for jobs online and waste valuable time filling out online applications.
  • You’ll develop a relationship with your recruiter. He or she may open your eyes to locations, industries or job possibilities you may not have otherwise considered. Your recruiter will get to know you, your unique experience, and your skill set in order to provide an excellent match.
  • Your information will be confidential. Unlike some online job websites, your information will be kept confidential, and we will never share it without your permission.