Employment Value Proposition

Employment Value Proposition – the value of benefit an employee obtains through employment.

The power of an effective employment value proposition (EVP) can’t be underestimated. It helps to attract, motivate and retain the most valuable assets of a company – its employees.

Having an effective EVP provides organizations with 3 quantifiable benefits:

  • Improved attractiveness – Organizations with effective EVPS are able to source from a deeper pool of talent in the labor market. Top-performing organizations draw candidates from about 60% of the labor market, including “passive” candidates who would otherwise be content to stay with their current job. Lesser-performing organizations are able to source only from the most active 40% of the workforce.
  • Greater Employee Commitment – Organizations with effective EVPs enjoy significantly higher levels of commitment/engagement from their employees. Top performing organizations have 30% to 40% of their workforce displaying high levels of commitment, compared to less than 10% in under-performing organizations.
  • Compensation Savings – Organizations with effective EVPs are able to reduce the compensation premium required to attract new candidates. Top-performing organizations are able to spend 10% less on base pay compared to under-performing organizations.


Building a competitive EVP and becoming the Employer of Choice:

Developing an EVP capable of attracting talent in a highly competitive labor market involves three steps:

  • Selecting the attributes for inclusion in the EVP
  • Building candidate awareness of the EVP
  • Shaping candidate perception


Develop your EVP- defining what makes you an authentic and attractive employer brand.

  • What makes the company unique, what makes the employees proud to work here?
  • What stories do they tell about their employer?
  • Why do they like working here, why did they apply and why do they stay?
  • To what extent are these strengths recognized by the potential candidates?
  • To what extent are these strengths important drivers for the potential candidates when choosing an employer?
  • How can you align the employer value proposition with the corporate mission?
  • Once they are aligned with the corporate mission, how can you translate these important strengths into a reliable, recognizable and authentic EVP?