Employers - Why Use Our Recruiting Services?

As an established firm with more than 20 years of combined experience and a highly successful recruitment methodology, Design Build Recruitment offers valuable services to employers.

Why use Design Build Recruitment?

  • Passive Job Seekers. We provide you access to a well-established network of highly skilled, professional candidates. Using advanced search technologies on the web, as well as our extensive database, we can find you the perfect candidate for your unique needs. We also know that the best candidate for your position is often employed — our recruiting process includes finding both active and passive candidates. It’s our mission to find those who meet the exact skill required for your opportunity.
  • A simplified hiring process. We make the hiring process easy by thoroughly researching your organization, its culture, and its hiring needs. All you have to do is tell us about your ideal candidate and then approve the resumes that you like.
  • Time saved. The hiring process — from posting jobs, sifting through tons of resumes, and interviewing unqualified candidates — can be incredibly time consuming, taking your attention away from your job. Leaving the hiring process to us, affords you the opportunity to ensure an excellent match while saving you valuable time.
  • Fill job vacancies quicker. Because many highly qualified candidates are “passive” job seekers and aren’t actively searching for jobs on employment sites, it can take a while to find the perfect fit for your advertised positions. We have the resources to do the active searching for you to meet your hiring needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Increased production. An understaffed company leads to overworked employees and burnout. Turning away work, outsourcing work or not completing work on time because your organization is understaffed is something that can be prevented. We have resources to get your company fully staffed to increase production.
  • Increased profit. Recruited candidates share two characteristics: they are highly qualified for their new job and they are happy to start their new job. Qualified and happy employees are more productive than unqualified or unhappy employees. Let us help your organization become fully staffed with happy, qualified, productive employees.
  • Reduced attrition & training costs. Training a new hire can be expensive and time-consuming. We help find you the perfect fit so you don’t have to worry about training the wrong hire.
  • Our 360° recruitment process. Our 360° recruitment process makes sure the candidate has the skills and experience needed to be successful in the position, so you can focus on determining if the candidate is a good cultural fit within your organization.
  • A thorough screening process. Rest assured that our candidates meet your requirements for employment. We check technical skills, personal skills, resume accuracy, references and offer drug and background checks.
  • Negotiation. We will negotiate compensation packages on your behalf to make sure you and your new employee are happy with the outcome.
  • A proven track record. We are pleased to have maintained a track record of successful matches. Working with Design Build Recruitment ensures that you hire the right person. You can make a hiring decision with confidence and peace of mind.
  • No risk. We work on a contingent basis, which means there is no upfront cost and there is no cost if you don’t hire someone. Our services are free to try.
  • Guarantee – We guarantee our services to make sure you hired the right person.
  • Confidential services. We have the resources to find you the perfect match without advertising your positions.