360 Recruiting

How does Design Build Recruitment achieve lasting placements and high success rates? Our 360° recruiting program consists of four essential components:


  • Needs Analysis
  • Sourcing
  • Qualifying
  • Presenting



Our program’s components work together in a linear process ensuring that for every search assignment we accept, we are able to deliver talented professionals that fulfil all of the assignment’s criteria in a timely manner and that we establish successful partnerships between companies and their future employees. Furthermore, these components serve Design Build Recruitment as we seek to achieve our mission – to supply our clients with the best talent in their marketplace.

Needs Analysis. Our process starts with a client interview in a fact-finding session designed to learn as much as possible about your company, people, goals, challenges and needs. This information is then compiled into a job profile that will reflect all of the specific skills and behaviors a candidate needs to be successful in the position. Next we will develop a search plan by making a comprehensive list of all the companies where the desired skill sets can be found.

Sourcing. Once we understand what it takes to be successful in your company, we can start the sourcing phase of the process to find the right fit. The first step of our sourcing phase is identification. Every company in the search plan will be researched to determine who within those companies should be contacted. Once we identify whom to contact, we will then reach out to these potential candidates with a tailored presentation that highlights our client’s advantages and exciting reasons why they should consider making the move.

Qualifying. The qualifying phase includes screening for experience, technical skills, behavioural profiling, performance traits, achievements, career aspirations and checking references. This step is entirely customized to our client’s needs. We design a questionnaire containing specific questions that our clients want answered. Each prospective candidate completes this questionnaire.

Presenting. The presenting phase involves presenting the candidates’ information to the client, scheduling interviews, negotiating compensation packages and conducting drug and background checks. Finally, we will follow up with both employee and employer for more than a year after the placement is made to guarantee a smooth transition and ensure that both parties are working in a highly productive manner.